Building Connections Between Yale and Africa

In his inaugural address in October 2013, President Peter Salovey introduced the Yale Africa Initiative, saying, “With the growing influence of the African continent on the world economy, as well as increased migration to, from, and within Africa, this is the moment to bring scholarship and teaching about Africa at Yale into sharper focus. Working collaboratively, we can foster new directions in research on Africa, identify new partnerships with those on the continent, and strengthen our recruitment efforts, all while emphasizing teaching and learning.” President Salovey’s address signaled that Yale’s engagement with Africa would be an important dimension of Yale’s missions of research, teaching, and service moving forward. Since then, the Yale Africa Initiative has seen tremendous growth and success, and today, continues to work to bring Yale to Africa and Africa to Yale.

A brief overview of some of the achievements of the initiative thus far:

  • Higher numbers of African students matriculating into Yale College
  • Four new faculty and several visiting scholars join the community
  • Yale Young African Scholars program triples in size, it’s summer programs highly successful
  • New African Yale Clubs established in Ghana and Nigeria
  • 79 Africa-based internship opportunities made available to students 
  • Successful leadership programs including the Nigeria Leadership Initiative, Senior Women in Government Leadership Forum for Strategic Impact, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more
  • Two new African universities added to the Global Network of Advanced Management
  • Africa Salon, Yale’s first contemporary African Arts and Culture Festival is launched successfully and returns for a fifth year in spring 2019