• Yale and Africa: Empowering Through Partnership

    In conjunction with the President’s visit to Ghana and Kenya, here is a look at just some of the programs and collaborations that are part of the Yale Africa Initiative, and that highlight Yale’s ongoing commitment to building strong partnerships with leaders and innovators across Africa.

  • Promoting African Talent

    The Yale Young African Scholars program (YYAS) completes another successful summer in Rwanda, Ghana, and Zimbabwe, welcoming 300 of Africa's most talented high school students to its growing alumni network.

  • Honoring African Leaders

    Somali Human Rights Activist and Physician Hawa Abdi is welcomed as the 2017 Chubb Fellow

  • Capacity Building in Africa

    Yale and South African doctors partner to expand care.

  • Expanding Recruitment Efforts

    Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs expands it recruiting efforts in Africa and announces two new scholarships for African students in pursuit of Masters degrees.

The Yale Africa Initiative is an ongoing effort by Yale University to prioritize and expand its commitment to Africa.

The Initiative promotes African scholarship, contemporary discourse, and research at Yale and in Africa, strengthens Yale’s relationships with African institutions, increases career opportunities for Yale students across Africa, and attracts the best and the brightest African students to Yale.

This effort is an important part of Yale’s vision of a more open, connected, and innovative University and world.

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