Student Organizations

The Yale Association for African Peace and Development

The Yale Association for African Peace and Development (YAAPD) seeks to ignite passion among students and youth at-large for conflict resolution, peace, and development in Africa.  YAAPD organizes an annual conference on Yale’s campus called “The SANKOFA54 African Development Conference.”

The Yale African Students Association

The Yale African Students Association (YASA) is a cultural, social and political group of students that welcomes all persons interested in Africa and African issues. YASA also promotes and represents the rich African culture on campus as well as providing a forum for discussion and action on current affairs. 

Students of Nigeria (SON)

Students of Nigeria (SON) seeks to build ties among Yale community members who are of Nigerian descent. The goal of SON is to further enrich the Yale community by reconnecting the extensive Nigerian/African-American community at Yale with their own culture, while also exposing interested Yalies to Nigerian culture.


Asempa! is Yale’s premier African music collective founded in 2005.  The group’s repertoire is rooted in music of the African experience both classical and contemporary. Drawing on the rich ethnic and musical backgrounds of its members, Asempa strives to celebrate and promote African culture through music.


Dzana is Yale’s first and only Afrobeat dance group. The group brings together members with diverse backgrounds to exhibit present-day dance trends from across the African continent. Together, they learn and showcase moves like the Azonto from West Africa, Pantsula from Southern Africa, Lipala from East Africa and Gnawa from North Africa. 


Black Business Alliance 

The Black Business Alliance (BBA) seeks to enrich the experiences of Black students at the Yale School of Management through academic, professional, and social initiatives. BBA promotes awareness of issues of importance to black students on campus including business in Africa and how the African Diaspora can remain engaged with African economic issues.