African Studies at Yale

The Yale curriculum offers a wide variety of courses each semester, many of which focus on Africa-related topics, including African languages, art, culture, history, politics, and economics. These courses are supported and taught by Yale professors who have deep expertise in African studies. 

The Council on African Studies (CAS), housed within the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, supports and coordinates the study of Africa within Yale. Through CAS, Yale offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in African Studies
  • Master of Arts in African Studies
  • Graduate Certification of Concentration in African Studies

Students in these programs develop a broad understanding of the history, culture, and languages of Africa, as well as grounding in cross-disciplinary approaches to major social, political, and economic topics.

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Other Areas of Study 

Beyond the African Studies programs, Yale also offers 80 majors in Yale College and 74 programs and departments through the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. In Yale College, students take at least thirty-six courses on their way to earning a degree, and typically take four or five courses each fall, and another four or five each spring. There are roughly 2000 courses offered to students each year. In Yale’s graduate and professional schools, course loads differ based on a student’s individual program of study. 

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Study Abroad Fellowships & Opportunities

The Fox International Fellowship supports graduate student research as an exchange program between Yale and thirteen world-renowned partner universities including the University of Ghana and the University Cape Town.

Many other study abroad fellowships are available to Yale students through the Yale Center for International and Professional Experience. Undergraduate students may also study abroad during the summer through Yale Summer Session

For graduate students at the Yale School of Management, the Global Network of Advanced Management (GNAM) is an opportunity for them to connect with peers across the world. GNAM is collaboration of graduate schools of business that seeks to foster intellectual ties among business schools, students and deans from both economically strong regions and those on the horizon of economic development. Through the initiative of the Yale School of Management, the Lagos Business School and the University of Ghana Business School joined GNAM in 2014-2015, bringing the total of African members to three, including the University of Cape Town.